Welcome to Dept. of Basic Sciences, Cambridge Institute of Technology

Here you can find Subject Wise Information, Syllabus, Assignments,
Video Lectures as prescribed by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bengaluru

Engineering Physics

Subject Code : 18PHY12/22

Engineering Chemistry

Subject Code : 18CHE12/22

Basic Electrical Engineering

Subject Code : 18ELE13/23

Basic Electronics Engineering

Subject Code : 18ELN14/24

Calculus and Linear Algebra

Subject Code : 18MAT11

C Programming for problem solving

Subject Code : 18CPS13/23

Elements of Civil Engineering

Subject Code : 18CIV14/24

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Subject Code : 18ME15/25

Engineering Graphics

Subject Code : 18EGD15/25

Technical English-1

Subject Code : 18EGH18

Engineering Physics​ Laboratory

Subject Code : 18PHYL16/26

Engineering Chemistry Laboratory

Subject Code : 18CHEL16/26

Electrical Engineering

Subject Code : 18ELEL17/27

C Programming Laboratory

Subject Code : 18CPL17/27